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What is the Nushape
Therapy Mat

The Nushape Therapy Mat provides a shower of light to your entire body to soothe muscles, relieve pain, and even energizes your body for a productive day. Our Mat is a professional-grade replacement for outmoded and bulky medical red light therapy equipment and can be used in the comforts of your home. Therapy Mat has three programs at your disposal. Firstly, the standard setting with continuous red and infrared light. Secondly, Recovery Mode for more profound healing. And Lastly, Energy mode, to make you feel more energetic and alert.

Non-Invasive and Safe

Utilizing FDA-approved wavelengths, our Therapy Mat offers a safe, non-invasive solution for various health issues.

Portable and User Friendly

Lightweight and foldable, making it perfect for home use or on-the-go therapy.

Professional-Grade Treatment

Designed to deliver clinical-strength therapy for optimal results.

One Year Warranty

We stand by our product with a one-year warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, our 14-day money-back guarantee means you can purchase with confidence.

Health Benefits and Solutions

Health Benefits and Solutions

Whole-Body Aging, Skin Damage,
Hair Loss & Achieving Flawless Skin

The continuous mode on the Nushape Therapy Mat delivers a steady stream of therapeutic light, penetrating deep into tissues to rejuvenate your entire body. This helps promote collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and enhancing skin elasticity and overall appearance across the entire body. Regular use helps maintain a youthful and radiant look, giving you the flawless skin you desire. The therapy also stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles, making hair thicker and healthier. Overall, it addresses common aging concerns, promoting a smoother, more vibrant complexion and robust hair health​.

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

The continuous mode also targets deep tissue to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Regular use can help manage conditions like arthritis, muscle soreness, and joint pain, improving overall mobility and comfort. The deep penetration of red and near-infrared light helps to reduce inflammation at the cellular level, offering a natural and effective pain relief solution. By enhancing cellular repair and reducing inflammatory markers, users experience significant relief from chronic pain conditions​.

Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

The Recovery Mode (10 Hz) uses pulsed near-infrared light to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and improve performance. This setting helps your muscles recover faster, allowing you to hit your workouts harder and grow more muscle in a shorter amount of time. By reducing the delay in muscle recovery, you can maintain a more consistent and intensive exercise routine, leading to better fitness results. Athletes can benefit from quicker recovery times, reducing the risk of overtraining and injury​.

Fatigue and Brain Fog

The Energy Mode (40 Hz) enhances cellular energy production and improves mitochondrial function, leading to increased energy levels, better focus, and mental clarity. This mode is perfect for combating fatigue and improving cognitive function. By boosting your energy levels and mental sharpness, you can stay productive and focused throughout the day, improving both your personal and professional life. Enhanced ATP production from red light therapy supports overall vitality and mental acuity​.

Slow Healing and Poor Circulation

Pulsed near-infrared light in the Recovery Mode improves blood flow and accelerates the body’s natural healing processes, making it ideal for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. Enhanced circulation also supports faster healing of wounds and promotes overall wellness. Improved blood flow ensures that nutrients and oxygen are more effectively delivered to tissues, speeding up recovery and enhancing overall health. This mode also helps prevent complications such as infections and scarring, making recovery smoother and faster​.


Doctors, Experts & Actors
Recommend The Therapy Mat

Andrea Hardy

Dietitian & Canada’s Gut Health Expert

“I’ve been using Lipo wrap It’s a treatment enhancer for my radio frequency treatments and also cavitation. I’ve seen incredible results of around 4 to 5 inches removed on my clients per session.”

Chelsea Harris

Movie Actress

“So many people posting about red light therapy recently. I’m telling you it works. This one is by Nushape. I love it, I use it all over the body. You better get one of these.”

David Thompson

Tech Times Magazine

“I tested five products from different brands and found the Nushape brand to be the best device range for slimming, pain relief and skin rejuvenation.”

Jamie Hodge

TrustPilot Review

“I love this belt. Works great, clients
see results. I sent a email out, fast quick customer service answered right back.“

Trustpilot Reviews 4.9


I own three nushape products and I’m very happy with all of them. I first purchased the lipo wrap which I’ve been using for two years now to wonderful results. I then purchased the neuro pulse wrap which has been a savior for my insomnia. Finally the light mat I have used religiously to help my entire body recover from a recent surgery. The customer service is stellar and always responds immediately. I can’t recommend nushape products enough!

JayLitza Pimental

My Nushape has help me snap back after I had my Baby & is helping me heal in many ways. I am feeling great in my skin, loving my results & able to manage my pain .. I highly recommend this product for it will become apart of your self care routine.

Sheri Lynch

My husband and i both use the lipo wrap and therapy mat. We love both products and have seen improvements in our ailments for which we purchased. The customer service received is top notch. Any issues and/or questions are answered promptly and professionally. Definitely recommend to anyone considering!

Holly Showers

I have bought many products from this company (Therapy Mat, Sauna Wrap and Insert, and the Lipo Wrap) Love them all... they each help me relax, rejuvenate and tone my body. I absolutely love their product offering and cannot be without using all of them in my weekly routine. They are a top notch company and I would recommend them to anyone.


The most amazing company ever!!!! I am a professional skater so the pain becomes extreme at times. Nushape has been complete lifesaver. I highly recommend this product. Best penny I ever spent. I literally have no more pain at all. I give this product and company 100 stars

How to Use the Therapy Mat


Place the Therapy Mat on a flat surface such as a bed or floor.

Select Mode

Choose the appropriate mode for your needs 

(Continuous, Recovery, or Energy).

Session Duration

Start with shorter sessions (5-10 min.) and gradually increase to 20-30 min. as your body adjusts.

Direct Contact

Ensure the mat is in direct contact with your skin for optimal results.

Lie Down & Relax

Lie down, relax, and let the therapeutic light work its magic.

One Red Light Mat, 3 Lightwave Modes,
Full Body Red Light Therapy

MODE 1: Continuous
MODE 2: 10Hz
MODE 3: 40Hz
Mode 1: Red and NIR Light Continuous

Aims to enhance cellular function and ATP energy production. With a healthy lifestyle, light therapy sessions could be beneficial by improving cellular health across the entire body focusing on skin cells, skin health, and beauty. Red and NIR light promote balance across the body and skin by enhancing cellular respiration and making energy production more efficient, with less oxidative stress.

Mode 2: Red and NIR Light 10Hz

Delivers continuous red light and pulsed NIR at 10 hertz, designed to support the body’s natural recovery, and possible regeneration processes. It may be beneficial for post-workout sessions, after an injury, or in aiding the body’s natural inflammation response. The capabilities of pulsed NIR light are why numerous professional athletes and teams explore the same technology.

Mode 3: Red and NIR Light 40Hz

Delivers continuous red light and pulsed NIR light at 40 hertz. This setting has been associated with potential increased dopamine and serotonin levels, neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation, motivation, and overall well-being. Improved mitochondrial function within cells may also result from this mode, potentially leading to enhanced energy levels.

About the Product

Color: Classic Black

Size: 160 cm x 70 cm (approximately 63 x 27.5 inches)

Material: Premium Diving Fabric and TPU

Rated Power: Rated power of 135±5W

Voltage: 24V. Safe Low Voltage Operation

Amps: 8A

Temperature Setting: Five temperature levels (L1-L5) allow you to tailor your therapy session for the utmost comfort and efficacy.

Time Setting: Adjustable from 10 to 90 minutes.

Functions: Dual Wavelengths: The mat features dual wavelengths of 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light,  and 10 hertz and 40 hertz customizable to suit your therapeutic needs.

Three Programs: From continuous light for consistent therapy, recovery mode for healing and rejuvenation, and energy mode for a revitalizing boost.


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Choosing Nushape means investing in a brand that values your health and wellness as much as you do. Our advanced light therapy technology, combined with a commitment to affordability and accessibility, makes Nushape the best choice for anyone looking to enhance their quality of life through non-invasive, effective, and convenient wellness solutions.