Depression and anxiety prevent us from enjoying the pleasures of life. A recent study in 2017 on the mental health status of Americans found that more people than ever are suffering from serious mental disorders.

When red light is applied to the skull, it penetrates into the brain.Applying the light for just a few minutes to the brain, decreases anxiety and depression.This makes sense as several studies show that depression is linked to abnormal blood flow in the frontal cortex of the brain, and red light and infrared phototherapy increases blood flow and circulation. As the lightwaves stimulate ATP production, also responsible for signaling to the brain to release serotonin and endorphins, our mood elevates and we're provided with a sense of ease and clarity not available to us before. Acting as an all natural anti-depressant without the side effects.

Using light medicine to benefit those suffering from major depression, scientists in 2009 from Harvard University tested the effects of near- infrared light on 10 subjects. Every subject suffered from major long term depression. When the light waves were applied directly to the forehead of the patients after 16 minutes, and after just one treatment with near- infrared light, patients experienced highly significant reductions in both depressions and anxiety. The subjects posted better and improved scores after only two weeks of the therapy. By the end of the four-week study, 6 out of 10 patients experienced a remission of their depression, and 7 out of 10 patients experienced a remission of their anxiety. This has shown that near-infrared therapy can tackle and ease depression and anxiety in just one treatment. 

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