Enlumine: Sculpting Accelerator 120ml
Introducing the Sculpting Accelerator, our advanced slimming body treatment, expertly designed to complement red light therapy for optimal results. When used in conjunction with our Lipo Wrap, this product significantly enhances the skin's texture and tone, offering a more sculpted...
Enlumine: Ultimate Photon Elixir 50ml
Welcome to Advanced Skincare Solutions At Enlumine Skincare, we specialize in enhancing your skincare experience. Our Ultimate Photon Elixir 50ml is not just a premium skincare product; it's a revolution in skincare technology, specially designed to supercharge your results when...
The PEMF Handbook
Embark on a journey to optimal health with "The PEMF Handbook," written by Jessica Charles, the visionary founder of Nushape. This enlightening eBook is your ultimate guide to understanding and harnessing the power of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy. Authored...
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The Nushape LED Neck Piece
Elevate Your Skincare Regimen. LED Phototherapies introducing the Nushape Neck Piece, your personal skincare ally. Designed for those seeking a more youthful and radiant complexion, this innovative device harnesses the power of light therapy, mirroring the technology used in professional...
The Nushape LED Face Mask
Discover Radiant Skin with Nushape's Advanced best LED face mask light therapy. Transform your skincare routine and step into the future of skin health with Nushape's revolutionary Face Mask. Drawing inspiration from professional treatments, this at-home device offers a unique...
The NeuroRevitalizing Wellness Bundle: Illuminate Your Mind, Soothe Your Body
Introducing The NeuroRevitalizing Wellness Bundle, a harmonious blend of innovative wellness technologies designed to illuminate your mind and soothe your body. This exclusive bundle combines the therapeutic warmth of our Sauna Wrap with the advanced light and PEMF therapy of...
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The Complete Therapy Bundle: Elevate Your Wellness Journey
Embark on a transformative journey of well-being and serenity with the Complete Therapy Bundle. This collection combines our most cherished products, ensuring you receive the ultimate therapeutic experience right in your home. Discover the path to revitalized health and tranquility...
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The Ultimate Wellness Bundle: Your Personal Spa Day, Every Day
Dive into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with the Ultimate Wellness Bundle, a handpicked selection of our finest products designed to give you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Here's a glimpse of the tranquility that...
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A Neuro Hackers Guide
The easy-to-follow guide for a better brain using simple methods you can start today and feel immediately written by the founder of Nushape Jessica Charles. About 95% of neurological diseases are caused by the environment, and 5% are by genetics....
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Therapy Mat
This revolutionary device uses red light therapy to soothe muscles, alleviate pain, and energize your body. It’s a natural and non-invasive way to improve both your physical and mental health. Stimulates cellular rejuvenation Enhances blood circulation. Recovery mode for healing...
Cleaning Kit
This non-toxic solution comes in a 100 ml Nushape cleaning kit bottle that is poured into the larger 350 ml reusable bottle and mixed with filtered water to create the cleaning concentrate. Let your Nushape wrap cool down before spraying...
Nushape Body Brush
This Sisal and Nylon Bristle Brush by Led Phototherapies is designed to improve circulation in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet, promoting blood flow while soothing the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, as it is...
Sauna Wrap Insert
Our Sauna Wrap Insert will have you feeling like you brought the spa into your own home. This insert is specially designed to absorb sweat so that you can sit inside comfortably while relaxing in the Nushape Sauna Wrap. Made...
Neuro Pulse PRO
DISCOUNT APPLIES IN CART! Led Phototherapies is proud to present the Neuro Pulse Pro, the newest breakthrough in our wellness technology lineup. This state-of-the-art device is a significant upgrade from our previous Neuro Pulse model, designed to be your personal health...
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Sauna Wrap Zero EMF
Unveiling Nushape’s Ultimate ZERO EMF Infrared Sauna Wrap! Welcome to a world where you can experience incredible self-care right in your home! Our calming heat sauna wrap is not just about relaxation; it’s a ticket to a healthier, happier you....
Nushape Power Bank
The Nushape Power Bank provides portable power for your active lifestyle, and can be used while exercising, cooking, or even on a brisk walk! The latest model of the Nushape Power Bank is the better way to power your wrap. This...
The Therapy Mini
Introducing our revolutionary red light therapy device, harnessing the power of 660nm and 850nm waves working via a treatment panel with 160 LEDs powered at 40hz. Red light therapy has gained recognition for its incredible ability to address a wide...
Neuro Wrap
Welcome to a revolutionary experience with NeuroWrap, a beacon of cognitive vitality and tranquility meticulously crafted for your mental wellness. Engage with a device that doesn’t just offer a product but pledges a commitment to your mental clarity and serenity....
Light Medicine, The Guide
Receive a copy of our new eBook Light Medicine for a detailed look at why light therapy is booming in the world of wellness, and referencing dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies explaining how red light therapy affects the body.This book...
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Nushape Lipo Wrap
Meet our innovative Therapy Wrap that brings the power of red light therapy right to your home! Harness the power of 660nm and 850nm wavelengths for diverse benefits. Red light therapy has received lots of praise because it can help...