Wrinkle creams only go so far and invasive techniques certainly have their unwanted downsides. But did you know the simple science of light therapy can term back the hands of time, naturally?

Wrinkles and aged skin are formed slower than scar tissue, but by the same essential process – an overproduction of the collagen framework, and so a lack of metabolically active cells. But when red light is applied to the skin, cells are flooded with ATP (energy), leading to cell proliferation, better survival/regeneration and tissue repair.

Since one of they key roles of red light is to dissociate nitric oxide from mitochondria, which thereby helps improve blood flow to the area and provide the resources (glucose, etc.) for healthy tissue repair, red light reduces inflammation in a treated area- inflammation being a significant inhibitor of healthy repair.

660nm waves stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fiber to eradicate lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as the appearance of scars, surface varicose, and cellulite. 

With a series of 660nm treatments it's possible to repair sun damage from Ultra Violet rays and "age spots", the skin repairs cellular damage much as it does when healing from a wound. Red light therapy in this wavelength especially has replicated ways to hep with aging by stimulating the collagen synthesis and fibroblast formulation, anti-inflammatory action, production in mitochondria, and even stimulating DNA repair.

Subjects treated with red light therapy show significantly improved skin complexion, improved skin tone, improved skin texture/ smoothness, reduced signs of wrinkles and fine lines and a surge in collagen density. Patients with rosacea and redness have also found relief with this wavelength, including those who are unable to tolerate higher-heat laser therapies.

Light medicine treats over 30 different conditions from head to toe! How will you use light medicine? Learn more about how LED therapy can be used for your best mind and body in our book Light Medicine, available for our customers, free!

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