The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap for Pain & Rejuvenation - LEDPhototherapies
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Wrap

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Unlock Wellness at Home with Our Red Light Therapy!

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Meet our innovative Therapy Wrap that brings the power of red light therapy right to your home! Harness the power of 660nm and 850nm wavelengths for diverse benefits. Red light therapy has received lots of praise because it can help with many different problems.

  • Provides a natural relief and easing muscle aches.
  • Many types of treatments.
  • Wound Repair & Bone Regrowth.

Enlumine: Sculpting Accelerator 120ml

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Soothe and Relieve

Have you ever had sore muscles after a workout or some chronic pain that just won't go away? Maybe you have mild to moderate arthritis that bothers you. Ease muscle soreness, pain, and arthritis symptoms naturally! Red light therapy can help ease these discomforts in a way that's natural and doesn’t hurt. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce inflammation in the body.

Skin Rejuvenation

But that’s not all! Our Therapy Wrap is also a champion for skin care. Treat wrinkles, age spots, acne, and more for a youthful glow. So, if you’re looking to give your skin a fresh and youthful glow, this wrap is your friend.

Portable and Convenient

The best part? You can experience all these wonderful benefits from the comfort of your home. Experience transformative advantages anywhere, anytime! Our wrap is portable, so you can easily use it wherever you are.

Scientifically Proven

Hundreds of scientific studies support the effectiveness of the two wavelengths used in our wrap. Red light therapy has been proven to soothe sore muscles, ease chronic pain, relieve arthritis symptoms, reduce inflammation, and treat various skin issues.

Natural and Non-Intrusive

Imagine having a solution to various body and skin issues, all wrapped up in one handy device. Enhance well being and appearance gently and effectively! That’s what our therapy wrap offers! It’s a natural and gentle way to enhance your well being and appearance.

Experience the Difference

Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, or give your skin a makeover, our therapy wrap is here to help. Elevate your state of well being from the comfort of your home. It’s easy to use and designed to make you feel better and look great. So, why wait? Unlock a new level of wellness and rejuvenation with the Led Phototherapies red light therapy wrap!

The Benefits

The Benefits

Stimulates Hair Growth

A red and infrared light wrap is an effective and safe way to stimulate hair growth. When red and infrared light is applied to the scalp, the body can harness the light and turn it into cellular energy. Light wavelengths can reduce oxidative stress in the body, helping the body to regrow hair.

Skin Rejuvantion

Optimized energy output and two clinically proven wavelengths of red and near-infrared light work together on a cellular level to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, stimulating fibroblast cells and targeting exacerbated collagen to restore elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and correct pigmentation from sun damage.

Wound Repair
& Bone Regrowth

Wearable red light therapy greatly aids in healing breaks, fractures, and bone defects
and has also been shown to increase bone density. It stimulates energy production in the bone cells. It improves blood vessel formation, circulation, and blood flow to the affected area. It regulates and decreases inflammation, and increases bone growth factors.

Pain Relief

Red light therapy has proven versatile for treating many pain types, including chronic,
joint, neck, osteoarthritis, and more. Because our red light therapy body wrap provides targeted pain relief, it's incredible for various conditions. Red light can even help support longer, more restful sleep, which also contributes to your body's healing. It does not mask the symptoms of pain but rather encourages healing
of the cause of said pain.

Real Customers with Real Results

Wavelenghts Backet by Science

NASA’s scientists were the first to discover the inspiring advancement of red light therapy and started using LED therapy over lasers to heal wounds in space and on earth. Built on the research of Rodrigo Neira, M.D. and Clara Ortiz Neira M.D. Red Light Therapy has been proven to be effective for a variety of rejuvenating and healing uses.

A Med Spa Belt

One device, multiple functions. The Nushape Laser Lipo Wrap and Pain Relief Wrap isn’t just for pain and fat loss, it performs a long list of professional phototherapy treatments for pain relief, slimming and anti-aging in one easy to use device. When you have a Nushape Lipo Wrap it's like having a Med-Spa in your house.



Discover and Heal in 3 Modes

Gateway to enhanced mental, psychological, and neurological well-being.
Engineered with precision, the Neuropulse Pro offers three distinct modes tailored to address a wide range of wellness needs.


Cognitive Wellness: Concentrates on cognitive wellness, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz. M1 is designed to help manage and alleviate symptoms related to headaches, migraines, memory impairment, and brain fog.


Emotional and Sleep Support: Mode 2 (M2):
Focuses on psychological well-being, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 55Hz. M2 is designed to support individuals experiencing insomnia, poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression symptoms.


Physical Comfort and Neurological Care:
M3 concentrates on neurological comfort, utilizing 10-40Hz RLT with wavelengths ranging from 630nm to 810nm.

Trustpilot Reviews 4.9

Emilia B.

I am super happy with my therapy wrap, it has helped me with my extream muscle pain. I also go bike riding often and I then use the wrap to help me relax my stiff muscles at home.....its fantastic!!!!!. Even when my 8 year old cat had hip surgery, I lay the wrap on the floor and she went straight to lay on it....she feels so much at is amazing what red light therapy can do...i highly recommend this company.


I originally purchased the wrap to help with some low back pain. The heat and light therapy really helped my pain. I have a desk job and wore it for about an hour each day while working. Not only did it really relieve low back pain for me, but a huge plus was that I lost inches in my waist and hips. I also purchased the portable battery so I can wear it and move around the house with it on, which makes it really convenient! I will always use this wrap! I highly recommend.

Gaby Vidlikova

So I owed this belt for 3 years and I couldn’t be without it! I have a bad back so I use it daily in my lower back and it really lowers the inflammation and pain. I have the battery pack too and it just is soooo easy to use. The battery pack recently broke and the customer service replaced it super fast and free. All in all great experience.

Tina Loveless

I absolutely love my wrap I have used it for many things my waist my back for pain and inflammation and my face. I had purchased a power bank so I could use it all the time when it quit working I contacted the company and they sent a replacement right out. I have had nothing but good experiences with any contact I have made. Their quick responses and customer service have been extremely exceptional.

Julie Simon

After hearing so many positive benefits of red light therapy, I was excited to find the NuShape wrap that conveniently integrates into my daily life. I’ve been using the belt for over a year because of back pain after a car accident and it really helps with pain management + feels GREAT when on. I have also seen improvement in my skin, including reduced stretchmarks after pregnancy.


I have been using the Therapy Wrap and I´m very happy with the results. I do Crossfit and I see improvement in decreasing recovery time and increasing endurance. Even after heavy workout, when used after the training, I wake up the next day less sore and full of energy. Other benefits are: I have experienced some excessing hair loss, after only 6 weeks I have mush less hair loss and a lot of new baby hair. It helps with injured skin as well...

Ann Ashby

I love my wrap! It helps with so many different things. I use it on my face and it helps with diminishing brown spots and rosecea. It helps with the overall appearance of my skin. I also use it to relieve pain in my back and my hand. Wherever I have an issue, I use it and it is amazing! I would highly recommend. They also have very nice customer service!

Rebecca Simcox

After a couple of sessions on the face and neck, my friends say that my skin seems so vibrant with less lines. I look and feel great! I am 40, and I can say that those fine lines from my forehead are now visibly diminished. No skin care products except moisturizer after the session. I just wash my face with water only and no soap. Using this while taking collagen drink, of course, both are the fountain of youth.

JayLitza Pimental

My Nushape has help me snap back after I had my Baby & is helping me heal in many ways. I am feeling great in my skin, loving my results & able to manage my pain .. I highly recommend this product for it will become apart of your self care routine.


I bought it for my grandmother who suffers from rheumatic pains.The therapy wrap relieved her pain. She always thanks me for this gift that changed her life.Thank you Nushape for really making a difference!

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