The body is naturally designed and made to be able to build newer bones when the need arises. Studies on animals and humans have shown that red and infrared light therapy greatly aids in healing breaks, fractures and bone defects. In 2013, researchers in Sao Paulo, Brazil studied the effects of red and near-infrared light on the healing process of rat bones. Upon a piece of bone being sliced from the upper leg in an "osteotomy", of 45 rats, the rats were split into three groups - Group 1 Received no light, the second group were administered red light (about 660 - 690 nm) and the third group was placed on exposure to near-infrared light (about 790- 830nm)

The study found “a significant increase in the degree of gray level (mineralization) in groups treated with the laser after 7 days” and “after 14 days, only the group treated with the laser therapy (red light and near-infrared light) in the infrared spectrum showed higher bone density.

Red light and near-infrared light have been shown to stimulate energy production in the bone cells, improve blood vessel formation, circulation and blood flow to the affected area, regulate and decrease inflammation, increase bone growth factors, enhance the production of collagen and procollagen which stimulates the growth of bone cells 

Because ATP production is interrupted in broken bones, and cells begin to die due to a lack of energy, the right kind of red light and near-infrared light therapy has shown increased bone formation and collagen deposition. It's no wonder red light and NIR is gaining so much momentum in sports teams among athletes! Many many pro teams now use light therapy now in order to speed recovery and get their players back in action after an injury, more every year. It's proven time and again through hundreds of studies now that light medicine drastically improves sports performance and recovery

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