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Non-intrusive solution to diverse skin and body issues.

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Led Phototherapies is proud to present the Neuro Pulse Pro, the newest breakthrough in our wellness technology lineup. This state-of-the-art device is a significant upgrade from our previous Neuro Pulse model, designed to be your personal health ally.

  • Adjustable PEMF setting
  • Manage and alleviate symptoms related to headaches
  • Support individuals experiencing insomnia and more
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The Neuro Pulse Pro is a game-changer in the wellness device market, merging targeted light therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. It's engineered to help you unlock an optimal state of well-being right from your own home.

Leveraging the power of brain photobiomodulation, the Neuro Pulse Pro uses red to near-infrared light to improve the health of your brain's tissues, neurons, and glial cells. When combined with PEMF therapy, it can help harmonize your brainwaves to states of calm, relaxation, or focus, making it a perfect tool for those looking to enhance mood, alleviate anxiety symptoms, and eliminate brain fog.

Building on the benefits of our popular NeuroWrap, the Neuro Pulse Pro features an adjustable PEMF setting tailored to address various symptoms. This wearable neural device is designed to assist in managing a range of cognitive and mood challenges, including memory loss, cognitive impairment, mental fatigue, and anxiety.

The Neuro Pulse Pro is all about promoting alertness, cognitive function, creativity, focus, and overall brain wellness. It's designed to regulate sleep and wakefulness, promote healthy sleep patterns, and enhance cognitive performance, concentration, memory, mood, and creativity.

Whether you're looking to improve your sleep, boost your mood, or enhance your cognitive performance, the Neuro Pulse Pro can be a valuable tool in your wellness journey.

As a bonus, we're including a free copy of the "Brainhacking" E-book written by the founder of Nushape. This easy-to-follow guide introduces you to effective, simple methods for enhancing your brain health. Start your wellness journey with Neuro Pulse Pro today!

Mode 1 (M1)

Focuses on cognitive wellness, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz. This model is designed to help manage and alleviate symptoms related to headaches, migraines, memory impairment, and brain fog.

Mode 2 (M2)

Targets psychological well-being, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 55Hz. M2 is designed to support individuals experiencing insomnia, poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

Mode 3 (M3)

Focuses on neurological comfort, utilizing 10-40Hz RLT with wavelengths ranging from 630nm to 810nm.

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields, which employs advanced technology to boost and exercise cells to address cellular dysfunctions and promote global wellness. Think of your cells as batteries that could slowly be drained of energy, making you feel tired at the end of the day... that's when PEMF comes in to produce natural energy to keep your mind and body functioning more effectively!

What does PEMF do?

PEMF has a variety of benefits on a physical, psychological and cognitive level. This therapy can assist in managing different conditions, from depression to chronic pain. This being said, depending on the condition needed to be treated, a different frequency can be used. Besides using it to treat a disorder , it can also be used to enhance cognitive functions and promote well-being.

What are hertz (Hz)?

The hertz (Hz) stands for cycles per second, in other words, the pulses. This being said, slow pulses are meant to decrease the nerve sensitivity by reducing the production of Brinkin lucitrin, which is responsible for the transmission of pain signals. Mid range pulses are meant to stimulate endorphin production, which are responsible for stress and pain relief. Finally, intense pulses stimulate mitosis (creating new cells) and cellular repair.

Why do we add pulsing to our red light therapy devices?

The three main reasons we add pulsing in our devices is firstly, it allows the decrease of tissue heating, secondly, it induces brainwave entrainment, which has its own special benefits.

Thirdly, and on a more general note, using RLT with 10-40Hz allows to increase cerebral blood flow, ATP (energy) production, brain repair & neuroprotection and reduce inflammation.

In general, these frequencies are able to resonate with intrinsic brain rhythms and most importantly, improve overall brain function.

What is the difference between 10Hz and 40Hz?
  • 10Hz Alpha rhythm: This frequency is very much like the alpha neural brain waves. Alpha waves are linked to the alpha state of the brain, which promotes learning, mental coordination, and mindfulness.
  • 40Hz Gamma rhythm: This particular treatment is proven to increase dopamine and serotonin. It can also lead to improvement in how the mitochondria in your cells function, which can make an individual feel more energetic. This is because the mitochondria of the cells produce energy.
Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse while it is charging?

No, you have to wait for your NeuroWrap Pulse to be charged and unplugged from an outlet to use it. Nevertheless, you can still purchase our Power Bank, which is safe to use while using the NeuroWrap Pulse.

Can I use the red light therapy even if I have sensitive skin?

Red light therapy can be used on all skin types and tones. However, we recommend consulting your physician if you have doubts.

Can red light therapy absorb into the brain?

Red light penetrates the skull and reaches the brain cells, which allows the mitochondria to generate more ATP.

How does red light therapy help with brain health?

Red light therapy works on a cellular level. Red light therapy is directed towards the mitochondria. A cellular respiration action is initiated when red light reaches the mitochondria. The outcome of this process is the generation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). In other words it starts a series of chemical reactions that break down glucose to produce ATP, which may be used as energy to power many reactions throughoutthe body. Same as when we use gasoline as fuel to make our car move, our brain uses ATP. ATP supplies everything we do. The more ATP available, the more energy can be generated in our cells, and therefore increase the energy available to both restore and treat damaged cells. If our brain is able to generate additional ATP, our brain cells will be capableof functioning more efficiently.

How is the NeuroWrap Pulse different from the NeuroWrap?

The NeuroWrap only offers red light and near-infrared light therapy, which we recommend to all the people who have any condition that could be contraindicated when it comes to the use of PEMF. The NeuroWrap Pulse offers a combination of settings combining pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and red light therapy.

How often can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse?

You can use the NeuroWrap Pulse twice a day, but we recommend using it only once a day! For the most effective results, try using it at least 4 times per week!

How long is a typical treatment?

All treatments last 20 minutes. Your NeuroWrap Pulse will turn off directly after the treatment is completed!

How long does it take for red light therapy to work?

Well, again, the body is complex and every body is different, so there is no exact answer but chances are you will see changes between 24 hours and 2 months after you start using red light therapy. There are many factors to consider, such as the specific condition being treated, its severity and frequency of your use of red light therapy!

Should I wear eye-safety goggles while using the NeuroWrap Pulse?

It is not necessary to wear eye-safety goggles while using the NeuroWrap Pulse as the device is intended to be placed over your forehead and won’t be in contact with your eyes.

What time of the day can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse?

You can use the NeuroWrap Pulse at any time of the day, whenever you want! We recommend that you make sure you are in a nice comfortable position and in a relaxed environment to enjoy the experience fully!

What are the contraindications of the NeuroWrap Pulse?

Despite the fact that there are no, known side effects (to this day), there are a few contraindications that you should be aware of before using the NeuroWrap Pulse such as active cancer, acute viral diseases, infections, tuberculosis, pregnancy, cardiomyopathy, magnetisable prosthesis, neurological diseases with seizures and epilepsy, active bleeding, psychoses, organic atherosclerosis, juvenile diabetes, severe arrhythmias and pacemakers. Also not recommended for those with photo-allergy, steroid or cortisone intake, and ongoing treatments causing light sensitivity.

If you want to know why these are states of contraindication, please visit our website contraindications for the NeuroWrap Pulse to learn more about these conditions!

What are the safety warnings of the NeuroWrap Pulse?

Do not use the NeuroWrap Pulse while it is plugged, while driving, walking down the street, cooking or anything that requires your full attention! The NeuroWrap Pulse is intended to be used in a properly seated position indoors, and in a relaxed setting.

We absolutely do not recommend using it on wet hair or the face, on eyes, breasts and sexual organs.

What if I get a headache after using the NeuroWrap?

You want to start slowly and progress steadily, maybe with 8-10 minutes of treatment for beginners, and ALWAYS drink a glass of water before and after each treatment because the headache may be a sign of dehydration!

Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse while driving?

Absolutely not. We do not recommend using any of our devices while driving, cooking or walking. Our devices are meant to be used in comfortable and relaxing contexts, particularly for at-home use during your down time.

Can I use the NeuroWrap Pulse after botox injections in my forehead?

It is generally recommended to wait two weeks after the injections before starting the therapy. If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

The Benefits

The Benefits


The number of brain diseases that could be treated today with photobiomodulation has widely increased. These brain diseases include neurotrauma, neuropsy-
chiatric disorders, and neuro-degenerative diseases. Photobio-modulation is a practical treatment option for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Cognitive Wellness

Our brain is a flexible organ in the sense that it is constantly adapting. How could we keep our brains healthy and in good shape? To be cognitively fit, we must work on building our cognitive reserve. And while genetics determine the health of our brain, there are things we can do to enhance our cerebral health and cognitive fitness.

Creativity & Focus

Most people know the importance of sleep and know when we're not getting enough: we mayexperience increased irritability, lack of mental focus, trouble recalling details, etc. Proper sleep is not just essential for overall health and well-being, but it can
also stimulate creativity!

Psychological Well-being
& Meditation

PEMF therapy and RLT, used for psychological well-being, have been proven successful in reducing brain fog, mood improvement, and even in the treatment of depression. The application of PEMF improves circulation and modifies
neurochemical disturbances. The outcome is a more balanced hormonal and respiratory cell response.

Understanding PEMF & Red Light Therapy

Learn how the NeuroPulse Pro's PEMF and Red Light Therapy work synergistically to enhance cellular regeneration, improve sleep, and support brain health without discomfort or side effects.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field

PEMF, short for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields, refers to the application of magnetic fields of varying frequencies for therapeutic purposes. This therapy promotes the regeneration of injured cells by enhancing enzyme kinetics and restoring cellular membrane polarization. Additionally, PEMF exerts anti-stress effects and facilitates the acceleration of reparative processes, while also providing bio-regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic actions, all without causing any side effects.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy utilizes low-power red light wavelengths that penetrate the skin without causing discomfort or heat. The light can be absorbed up to a depth of approximately eight to 10 millimeters, where it positively impacts cellular energy and various nervous system and metabolic processes. This form of therapy is classified as "low level" due to its lower energy density compared to other laser therapies.

Real Customers with Real Results

What Experts Are Saying

Hear firsthand from health professionals who have experienced the transformative effects of the NeuroPulse Pro in their practices and personal lives.

We have been doing trials on ourselves and already have good consistent results noted with the Neuro Wrap. I actually recommended the Neuro Wrap the three patients yesterday. I’ve seen consistent benefits re: sleep and they’re all having that issue too. I have two year old getting us up frequently at night - it helps me more readily ge back to sleep after such interruptions.“

As a previous TBI patient, finding something that works quickly to regulate TBI symptoms of anger, loss of concentration and personality changes and has no side effects has been impossible. Then I found the Neuro Wrap. And sadly, I hit my head once again... but this time I used the red light therapy. One session reduced most symptoms... no reappearance of symptoms for over 2 weeks now. Highly recommend this tool for wellness!”

I suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea, so it’s hard for me to fall a sleep and I wake up several times through the night, leaving me with neither enough sleep or a deep sleep. After the first day of trying red light therapy I experienced more restful sleep and felt more alert upon waking. I also noticed increased physical and mental energy and endurance, resulting in improved productivity and brain function throughout my work day.”

I have been using the Neurowrap light therapy head wrap at the recommendation of neurologist after having tbi in auto accident. It was recommended to help repair breain tissue that was damaged. I was having severe issues including headaches, short term memory issues and confusion just to make a few of things that were going on with me. I have been using this for about 6 weeks now in addition to therapy I am doing in office and I am seeing wonderful results...”

Wavelenghts Backet by Science

NASA’s scientists were the first to discover the inspiring advancement of red light therapy and started using LED therapy over lasers to heal wounds in space and on earth. Built on the research of Rodrigo Neira, M.D. and Clara Ortiz Neira M.D. Red Light Therapy has been proven to be effective for a variety of rejuvenating and healing uses.

A Med Spa Belt

One device, multiple functions. The Nushape Laser Lipo Wrap and Pain Relief Wrap isn’t just for pain and fat loss, it performs a long list of professional phototherapy treatments for pain relief, slimming and anti-aging in one easy to use device. When you have a Nushape Lipo Wrap it's like having a Med-Spa in your house.


Begin Your Journey
to Peak Brain Health

Take the first step towards enhanced cognitive function, emotional balance, and overall well-being. Order your NeuroPulse Pro today and experience the pinnacle of wellness technology.



Discover and Heal in 3 Modes

Gateway to enhanced mental, psychological, and neurological well-being.
Engineered with precision, the Neuropulse Pro offers three distinct modes tailored to address a wide range of wellness needs.


Cognitive Wellness: Concentrates on cognitive wellness, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz. M1 is designed to help manage and alleviate symptoms related to headaches, migraines, memory impairment, and brain fog.


Emotional and Sleep Support: Mode 2 (M2):
Focuses on psychological well-being, using PEMF frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 55Hz. M2 is designed to support individuals experiencing insomnia, poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression symptoms.


Physical Comfort and Neurological Care:
M3 concentrates on neurological comfort, utilizing 10-40Hz RLT with wavelengths ranging from 630nm to 810nm.

Your Path to
Enhanced Well-being

Simple steps to activate the NeuroPulse Pro and select the mode that aligns with your wellness objectives. Secure the wrap,
choose your mode, and embark on a journey to enhanced cognitive and emotional health.

Step 1

Turn on the NeuroWrap Pulse.

Step 2

Select the desired mode setting.

Step 3

Secure the wrap either at the base of your skull or on your forehead promptly.

Trustpilot Reviews 4.9


I own three nushape products and I’m very happy with all of them. I first purchased the lipo wrap which I’ve been using for two years now to wonderful results. I then purchased the neuro pulse wrap which has been a savior for my insomnia. Finally the light mat I have used religiously to help my entire body recover from a recent surgery. The customer service is stellar and always responds immediately. I can’t recommend nushape products enough!

David Harp

I was introduced to LED therapy by a Dr Fox, which testified and showed me a device from Australia which was similar in appearance to the SIM headsets used by Flynn Fisher in the TV series The Peripheral. I searched around looking for a more affordable device. I found the Nerowrap Pulse. I used the device off and on for about 8 months. I noticed improvement with my memory. The problem with my thinking was the memory cut outs while trying to remember...

Magda J.

I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality, and I'm also feeling more focused and energized during the day.I am glad I gave it a try. The NeuroWrap Pulse is easy to use, and it's comfortable to wear.

Jonne Eriksson

I'm thrilled with the results of the Nushape NeuroWrap Pulse! It's made a big difference in my mood and anxiety levels, and I'm more creative and energetic than ever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.

Jani Korkeaoja

For a few weeks now, I've been using the Nushape NeuroWrap Pulse. I've noticed that I can concentrate better and for longer amounts of time. I'm also more energized and aware.

Jenny Hunt

I've been using the Nushape NeuroWrap Pulse for a few months now and I'm really impressed. I'm not sure if it's the red light therapy or the brain stimulation, but something is definitely working!

Sarah Martinez

I was so thrilled I asked for the Neurowrap Pulse for my bday Xmas gift. Used it for a month, my brain fog and pain are improving. Sadly I lost my USB cable to charge my wrap, I reached out to customer service, within 24hrs they respond eager to help me for free.

Bak Bak

I bought the neurowrap pulse and I must say that I am quite impressed by the effects of the headband. This headband combines infrared and pulsed magnetic wave technology (PEMF). I tried a 40 hz frequency and the 10 hz frequency. It gives the impression of a deep meditation with a kind of soft heat in the brain which corresponds to a state of regeneration. This is a state that I know well when I have a deep and regular practice of meditation...

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